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Purchase the red, angled keys that come with K60 for K90?


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Does it include all the buttons I asked for? Does not seem to say which keys are included.


That link you gave me does not show which keys I would be getting:




Ninja edit: Also, will the new red keys still light up the letter on each one like the K90 letters/keys?

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Here is a user comment who is using the key caps on his K90:


When the red keys are on the K90, the light that shines through is just a small circular red dot, basically the light from the led. The letters & numbers on the red keys are not see through like the rest of the keys. Also, due to the angle of the led and the slope of the red key, the "Z" key led seems to be blocked completely, so that key doesn't have the red circle light. I hope that helps.

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