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Firmware not recognized


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I received yesterday my new keyboard, an K90.

the first part of the installation was fine, Seven 64 pro recognized it, both USB were on 2.0.

The KB was working : lights were on, I was able to use the different keys

I dl the latest version of the firmware on corsair site.

I tried to install the firmware 1.31. The first install failed but after 2 tries the installation was succesfull.

I installed the program to get the different profile.

I was able to program some G keys but I want to use it with SWTOR and I must use it as hardware, si I click on the small button at the bottom left.

The programm tells me that I don't have the latest firmware. If I close the program (that stays resident) I was unable to click on this window again.


I tried to remove all and reinstall 3 or 4 times, for nothing.

It's only the harware macro that failed and I can't save the profile on K90, all else is working, but I can't use it for my game.

It seems that the firmware was not installed even if the box says yes.

I must say that I launch the install in normal mode I don't give the installation program an administrator status.

Do you have an idea for help?

Thanks and sorry for my bad English (it's not my mothertongue)

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it's in French so I'll translate it



Software :

USB keyboard :

VID : 0x1B1C

PID : 0x1B02

Builder : Corsair

Product : Corsair Vengeance K90 keyboard

Firmware : NA

Windows : Windows 7 professional 64 bits



Hope this helps.


I tried a new install but it failed again.

I 'll ask the shop for a refund

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