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M95 comfort/tracking issues, refund request problems

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I purchased a M95 from the webstore on the 25th of March. When I started using the mouse I was having troubles adapting from my previous mouse Razer Mamba 2012. I put it down to just getting use to the new shape / sensor. However the problems persisted after a few days of heavy use. I requested a refund through RMA and then through customer service. I was told it had been forwarded to the web store team but I have received no contact since.


I notice some other threads on people having issues with the sensor in the M65/M95. I'm not quite sure if it is that or just the shape of the mouse/left side attached cable causing the problems. There are some parts of my screen that I just can't click easily the bottom corners are particularly awkward feeling. When I go back to my old mouse it feels different due to the shape but I don't have the same awkwardness / problems moving accurately.


I have turned off angle snapping, with acceleration off in windows and ingame (SC 2) but it feels like something automated is going on still. Either way I need a response from someone, it may be a bad sensor but at this point I would prefer a refund.

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