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SSD Defective area


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I have started getting random system crashes,with different causes,and occasional programs failing to run.After much investigating things pointed to my Corsair Performance Pro 128gb so I ran a HD Tune Pro error scan and a red area was flagged -see attached file.


Would a full format remove the offending area or would it be quicker to ask Corsair for a replacement?


The drive is 17mnths old and is the Win8 system disk.

Corsair scan 160413.txt

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I powered on the PC prior switching to an Intel port to check something but the system would not boot (1st time for this)-after BIOS check stuck on blank screen with flashing cursor.

So,switched SSD to Intel and tried again.Same result-no boot.


Was waiting for Corsair to answer my fault ticket but their "Will get back to you in 8hrs is widely optimistic - still waiting!


So,restored my system from the last,good Acronis backup (Acronis backups had been failing which was the beginning of the problems),updated the system as required and let it run for 2hrs with no trouble.Ran Acronis backup full system and it worked with no errors.


PC now been running all day without a hiccup so,going out on a limb,something must have corrupted part on the system which the restore has rectified.However reran the HD Tune Pro on the SSD and the faulty area is still there (obviously,I suppose).As the drive is only 15mnths old I trust Corsair will replace it as I have older,2TB drives which are flawless.


Thank you for your attempts at helping me and,nothing personal,but I hope not to bother you again. :laughing:

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