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Question about Hydro series radiators


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Greetings, from cold Finland.


One day, I was thinking about getting a Hydro series water-cooling system for my FX-8350, because many people recommend H80 or H100 for FX-8350 CPUs (and it would be good, because I think that the original heatsink is slowly killing my CPU :/ ). But, there is a problem. My case is a mATX model (an old Acer M1201, which has been overhauled totally) and they say that the radiator MUST BE mounted on the back of the case, where the case fan is usually located... My case only supports 92mm fans and even the H60 requires a 120mm case fan port. Can the radiator be mounted elsewhere, like top of the case (you can always cut metal :D) or do I possibly have to buy a ATX-case (and that would possibly require me to buy a ATX-mobo)?


Thanks in advance. Sincerely, Dezent777.

PS. English isn't my first language, so, sorry for any typos :)

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