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SP120 higher performance fans? (2700rpm)


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hi everyone

i have noticed the SP120 fans available at retail are only 2350 rpm ones but the ones on the h100i are 2700rpm ones and i was wondering if the higher performance models (2700rpm) will ever be sold in retail?


im getting the 900d as soon as i can and i was hoping to replace the ultra kaze 3000rpm 38mm fans i have on my radiator atm with the 2700rpm sp120's - the 2350rpm ones are just too much of a step down to consider


please consider selling higher performance version of the sp120's

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the website finally worked for me (using same firefox browser i used before) so i finally got to the checkout for 1 sp120l fan and almost had a heart attack at the delivery price for 1 fan to australia



too much for me (close to the price of a h100i)

i think i will just keep my scythe ultra kaze's 3k's

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