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H100i Rma For H90


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Hi all,



I'm getting a noise issue from my H100i. The fans are making noise at low rpms so yesterday I realised corsair are willing to replaced three pins fns for PWM fans. So in a vain attempt to solve my problems I have requested this. Although I'm not hopeful as when I test without fans I still have a loud noise coming from the pump, far louder than intel's stock cooler at idle.


This is my second h100i in three months, the first one was silent for a couple of weeks and started making noise, this one has been noisy from the start. I'm hoping fans and the hopefully upcoming firmware update will sort this out.


What I'm wondering, if this doesn't solve my problem would I be able to RMA my H100i in exchange for a H90? They don't seem to be plagued with the issues of the H100i, in fact at this stage I'm starting to think think the H100i is a lemon of a product.





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