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Vengeance 2000 USB Receiver Issues


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Hello...I didn't really want to have to post here, but I'm not sure what to do. About a Month ago I got my replacement for my cracked v2000. The first thing I noticed with the new headset is that the volume wheel felt different. I played with it a bit to realize that is was loose, it rattles every time I move my head. It still adjusts the volume so I tried to ignore it. The new headset also didn't seem to get the same range as the one I had before. About a week into using the headset it started to cut out during games or listening to music. Today, it won't connect to the receiver at all. I've tried re-pairing and re installing the drivers and a different USB port.


I'd like to RMA both the headset and the receiver but I'd rather not pay another $20 to ship it back again (I'm in Canada) That would make the total cost of the headset $200.


If it weren't for the rattling volume adjustment I'd like to keep this headset as it hasn't started to crack yet.


What are my options?






Pic of old cracked headset


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