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K60 sweet liquid spill


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I've managed to spill some sweet liquid on my Corsair K60 keyboard. After disconnecting it, removing any inside excess liquid and letting it to dry for 2 days everything is working fine except 2 of the keys (S and D) that seem "sticky" and don't feel the same as the others.


What should I do to fix this? since the warranty is void in this case.


I've used a bit of circuit spray on the mechanical switches but with no result.

How does this keyboard disassemble? (can't)


Any help is greatly appreciated.

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I'd nearly advise dunking it again. Clean it with distilled water as best you can, let it seep into all the cracks, etc. (as that's where the other liquid is, and there's no other way to really get to it without tearing the whole thing apart) and as long as you let it dry completely it should be perfectly fine.
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I just left the keyboard outside to dry - think I will leave it like this for about a week or so ...

The keys seem to have recovered ... will update on the situation.



Oh man, the keyboard works just fine now, I am very grateful. Thank you very much for your suggestion, I would have never thought of it.

Have a great week!

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