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Weird key-sticking issue


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Starting a new thread because I don't think this problem is related to the more severe issue discussed elsewhere.


Over the weekend, I removed my K90 (which was functioning well up to then) from my computer to clean it. I pulled a few keycaps off and used compressed air to spray out the stuff from beneath the keys. Reseated the keycaps and then connected the unit up to my Mac computer to make sure it would work with it (I am anxious for the K70s to come out because I want to get one for my Mac, and was just testing to see if the K90 would work ok, and it did). In the meantime, I plugged another basic USB keyboard into my PC and used it temporarily.


Then I returned the K90 to the PC, and I noticed two things that had changed: the 'i' key was sporadically sending two or three i's with a single keypress, and the macro software no longer registered the Enter key when it was used with a macro that called for it.


I had already updated the latest firmware before switching the keyboards out, so it should be operating normally. I don't think it is a hardware issue. What I'm wondering is whether another USB driver was installed for the generic USB keyboard I was using temporarily, and if perhaps it is interfering with the K90.


Anyone have any suggestions on what this could be, and how I might address it short of RMA'ing the keyboard?

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Removed (via Revo Uninstaller) and reinstalled the Corsair software twice. Reflashed the firmware twice. The repeating i issue abated, but then steadily came back with use. Last night I pulled the unit off the Windows machine and hooked it up to my Mac and used it for a while. The i started repeating after about 10 minutes of steady typing. Not as much as it was on the PC, but still doing it.


It's almost as if the keyswitch is overheating, which I know isn't what's happening, but the problem does seem to get more pronounced the longer I use the board.

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