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Corsair 200R + H60 Installation Question

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I got the H60 (2013) installed in my 200R, just some observations...


1. The screws are entirely too short and thin, I stripped them originally as they do not have resistance when properly torqued. I almost did it again on my replacement unit.


2. Once again, the screws are too short and I do not recommend using the included washers if you use the fan hole grommets as they will apply too much pressure causing the grommets to tear or displace. (see 1)


3. Grommets probably shouldn't be used at all, and you should use the washers instead until they correct the screws/threading. (see 1)


4. I actually loosened my screws until the grommets looked as if they were no longer seriously warping, it still feels sturdy but not as much as I would like. Also the fan is obnoxiously loud. I have it connected to my rear chassis PWM and it is operating @ 2050RPM. This is EXTREMELY loud and driving me nuts. I attempted to change it to 60%, but it did not take in the BIOS.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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