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H80i Clicking then no LED


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I've been running my new build nightly and everything has been working fine. My H80i has been running the i7 3770 at around 35 C at idle and below 62 C running my usual sim games. Today when I turned the computer on I heard a strange clicking sound. I thought maybe a wire was stuck in a fan so I opened the case and finally narrowed it down to the area of the rear mounted radiator. I turned it on and off a couple times and still it was clicking. I took a screwdriver and made sure the fans were tight and double checked all the wires and it all seems OK.


Turning it on again the clicking stopped and I noticed the Corsair logo LED was dark. I went into Corsair Link II and nothing shows up for the pump or fans. The fans are running fine and strangely the temps seem normal after 45 minutes so I can't tell if the pump went out or what. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what might be going on?





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