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H60 and Motherboard/BIOS setting

Kevin H

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I am trying to configure my new H60 and being new to water cooling I want to make sure I am getting it right.


I installed this on my new Asus Sarbertooth Z77 board. I put the pump power connector in the CPU Fan port since that is what other seemed to suggest. At first I put the radiator fan connector in the CPU OPT port but later moved it to a Chassis Fan port. I heard that I need to adjust my BIOS settings but the instructions don't mention this and I need to know what I should be doing.


In the BIOS for the CPU Q-Fan Control I can enable and disable. If enabled I can set the Low Limit RPM and Profile (Standard, Quiet...). Currently I have this set to disabled since I don't think I want the BIOS to control the pump.


Even with these settings I am not sure if it is working, is there a way to test the pump? The CPU Fan Speed sits about 4500 RPM (Pumps have RPMs?). The CPU temp about 75 degrees F, a little high I would think. I checked the pump and it seems to be sitting tight to the processor and there is no play in the mounting plate.


Any thoughts that others may have would be very helpful.

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