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Please help... slow RAM, no matter what I try


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Hi all, and thanks in advance for the help...




A7N8X-E Deluxe

AthlonXP 3200+

2X CMX512-3200C2


I have tried countless combinations of settings in BIOS and nothing will help. Simple read/write benchmarks are signifigantly slower than a pc I just built for a friend with one stick of 512 Value MB400 3200 in it.


SiSoftware Sandra is displaying this for my box:

System Memory Controller

Location : Mainboard

Error Correction Capability : None

Number of Memory Slots : 3

Maximum Installable Memory : 1GB

Bank0/1 - DDR1 : DIMM Synchronous DRAM 512MB/72

Bank2/3 - DDR2 : Empty

Bank4/5 - DDR3 : DIMM Synchronous DRAM 512MB/72


Chipset 1

Model : ASUSTeK Computer Inc nForce2 AGP Controller

Bus(es) : AGP PCI USB FireWire/1394 i2c/SMBus

Front Side Bus Speed : 2x 199MHz (398MHz data rate)

Maximum FSB Speed / Max Memory Speed : 2x 200MHz / 2x 200MHz

Width : 64-bit

IO Queue Depth : 8 request(s)



Logical/Chipset 1 Memory Banks

Bank 0 : 512MB DDR-SDRAM 2.0-3-3-6CL 2CMD

Bank 2 : 512MB DDR-SDRAM 2.0-3-3-6CL 2CMD

Channels : 2

Speed : 2x 99MHz (198MHz data rate)

Multiplier : 3/6x

Width : 64-bit

Power Save Mode : No

Fixed Hole Present : No


Memory Module(s)

Memory Module 2 : Corsair CMX512-3200C2 512MB 16x(32Mx8) DDR-SDRAM PC2700U-233-700 (CL2.5 up to 167MHz) (CL2 up to 167MHz)


This is the part that concerns me. It's finding one of my DIMMs as only 2700. So, even IF I have a bad stick, my read/write speeds are still sickeningly slow.




Can anyone please help with a suggestion or two. Thank you very much.



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