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New H100i help!!


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Greetings All From Croatia!


I have few q about new H100i that i have Purchased yesterday, as i dont think that is working normaly.


Firs of all i want to say that This is NOT Fan controller or Fans issue, and there is no air pockets in pump aka bubbles to produce sound that is reely annoying.


There is Problem with pump, it sounds like, i dont have word for it, when there is that loud sound from speekers when they are on, but not connectet ( if speakers are defective) something like buzzing or humming sound, even if i connect 4 fans on radiator i can hear that awful sound,


i tried to change pump rpm'2 in corsair link (from2294 rpm to 4588 rpm but what ever speed of pump is, it sound the same( not expert at it but i think its rpm is always maxed out)

version of firmware is 1.0.5 ( unit came with it)


personally i dont think this sound is normal for it, i googled and search this pump noise problem on youtube, and noone has this type of sound comming from pump.


i need to know can i replace this h100i unit, i know that it cant be silent, but this sound is reely hurting my ears ( not funny at all)

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pump speed cant be changed in the h100i. The 4k rpm readout you see is merely changing the way the software interprets the speed signal from the pump.


i would try a different sata connector and also remounting the H100i and making sure the backplate is properly seated against the back of the motherboard. You will need to reapply thermal paste if you dismount the h100i.

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i have tried all sata cables on my modular psu, i tried remount a couple of times

cooler, tried laying down the chase for couple of hours but no change


as for backplate i know it is loose, so i tried a differnt one ( from my zalman cnps10flex-fits perfectly) with it there is no loose, but still there is that

buzzing sound

when pump is connectet on motherbord there is reely loud sound that is comming becouse of vibration of the pump, when i removed pump and just put it aside (pump not touching nothing there is still that sound but weaker)


sry for bad english, its not my native :)

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jusr realised that loud sound that is killing me is becouse pump vibrates-when pump is connectet to motherbord, motherbord vibrates too


but biggest problem is when motherbord is in chassis then whole chassis is vibrating and producing sound that is reely loud


so i wana ask u guys do you hear enithing when u put your ear next to chassis


( i have temporarily only motherbord in chassis -no hdd-s no gpu no psu)


so the vibration of chassis and that sound is for sure becouse of the pump

chasis vibration produces that high buzzing sound

now HOW can i fix this?

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i am gona try to replace unit,but i am just afraid that i am gona get another one like this, usually h100i pump is supposed to be quiet?


just went to seller and well see if pump noise can pass warranty,if not il go for refund

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just got a new h100i..... and sound is just like unit i replaced still humming


when motherbord is not in chassis its almost quiet,but when its all connected

in chassis sound is unbearable becouse pump vibrates and its all reflected to chassis which than vibrates too and producing loud humming sound


i have cheap chassis, can high quality chassis absorb this vibration of pump and than i guess it wont produce this sound ?

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ill try and get use to this sound :(


one q i have ambient temp 22c


temps under load ibt (stock volts) goes to 70c

prime 95 goes to 60c

in game 40-43c


and under 4.5ghz oc and 1.200 volts i get


ibt 89c (wtf)?

prime95 80c

ingame 45-52c


i am using cheap spire sp-700paste (10%silver)

i alsow have delided cpu so i am little confused why are temps so high under ibt at only 1.200volts(89c)


i had asus z77vpro which died in one month and i replaced it with this mpower

reely odd why i had to use 1.256volts in asus to get stable 4.5ghz, and with this mpower i only need 1.200volts:S,still themps go to 90c :()

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When you set voltage in programs I believe it's not going to be exact so the 1.25 vs 1.2 volts might actually be the same cant confirm that but I don't know how they could get exact... Also temps are slightly high for 1.2-1.25 volts but mine is the same sooooooo comparing to MINE your ok but you should probably try to fix it
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finally fixed fu..... humming sound that pump vibration transferred through motherbord onto chassis


i just used rubber:) under mounting bracket( that bracket that goes on pump -just put it so that rubber is Between pump and bracket and that rubber will absorb pump vibration and finnaly there is no humming sound:)))

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