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Previous Vengeance 2000 Driver


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Hello Community,


I've purchased a Vengeance 2000 headset 3 days ago. I was thinking about getting the 1500 at first, but people kept saying that the 2000 had better bass, so even tho I am not a fan of wireless devices, I decided to get the 2000 for that reason.


Unfortunately when I got the headphones I noticed bass distortion and crackling upon use. I was surprised as reviews I've read were talking about clean sound output and great bass quality. First, I thought the drivers have to 'break-in' but then I've read the forums and saw that other customers have the same issue with the newly released driver software.


I also have another issue. The audio seems to drop-out at random times for a split-second, which is kind of annoying, but fortunately it does not happen that frequently.


Anyways, the main reason I opened this thread is to ask for a download link for the previous Vengeance 2000 driver, because I can't seem to find any.

The other reason is to get information if a new driver is gonna come out and when, cause in the current state of things it feels like I've made a bad decision buying the 2000.


Thanks for the help in advance.


(Pardon my English, I am not a native speaker.)

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Thought I update this thread, because it might sound too negative on first read.


I started using the previous driver and the Vengeance 2000 does sound incredibly well the whole sound spectrum. I do love this headset with the driver change solving the issue I had before and I am pretty sure I will love it even more if a fix is gonna come out for the newest driver. I do not think that I made a bad decision purchasing the V2000 anymore, even considering the 'bumpy' start. :)



While I was waiting for the download link for the previous driver I did some testing on the new driver. It might help whoever is working on a fix.

I found that it works fine for some time, no bass distortion whatsoever. But the distortion/crackling appears later and restarting the PC does solve the problem temporarily. (Until it magically happens again)

I first thought that the on-board audio driver might conflict with the Corsair driver, so I deleted the on-board one. No luck.

Next I disabled the on-board audio, unfortunately that did not solve my problem either.

After some time I found out that the distortion appears when I switch 'source' in the drivers or change EQ settings while listening to music. (I am not sure if these are the only cases when it happens, but I can confirm that it started to happen while I did these things, more than once.)

BTW lowering the application's(YouTube, iTunes, VLC) volume and increasing the windows/corsair volume can solve the distortion problem. Tho the bass does not actually sound like it sounded before the distortion started happening.

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