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Power supply RMA?


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after 1 week, corsair answered my ticket,

but before I asked them about the delivery fee's, packaging and stuff.


Now they just answered me, that they requested a call tag to pick up

the defective unit from my location and I shall contact UPS within

2-3 business days to arrange a pick up.



What shall I do now?

What is about the delivery fee's?

Should I put the power supply with all accessories in a package and put

the RMA sticker on it?

And then I just arrange a pick up with UPS and give them the package?!

Do I have to pay the man, who pick it up?

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Unless they provided you with a pre-paid label , you would be responsible for the shipping charges and either getting it to, or arranging a pick up at your location.


IF they did provide you with a label then all you need to do is box it up and hand it off to the UPS man.


You'll need to send in everything that came with the PSU. Cables and accessories too. They will send you a new sealed unit with new cables and accessories.

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I got an email from UPS today.


***Do not reply to this e-mail. UPS and Corsair memory bv will not receive your reply.

This notice alerts you, Corsair memory bv has processed this UPS Returns request. A label has been created and is in transit to the collection location.


Shipment details blabla...




What does that mean?

That I receive a sticker at first and after that I have to arrange a pick up with UPS?

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