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Static noises


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Hi, I've sent similar mails through the tech support, but I never get any solution, all I get is something about that they will send me an RMA which I never recieve.


First of all, as of right now I am using and playing on a MSI GT663r gaming laptop, but I will soon recieve my new PC, and I will then update my specs on my profile.


* Corsair vengenance 2000, 7.1 wireless headset.


The problem: when I recharge the battery of my headset and have the microphone "on", meaning the microphone is down, I then recieve a very annoying static noise, which is very loud and VERY annoying.


To make it even more annoying, my friends on skype can sometimes hear it, depending from which USB I have the cable plugged into.

Today, 13/4-2013 (13th April, 2013), my friends on Skype heard the static noise no matter which USB I had it plugged into, and that made me very mad.


I read in another thread that some encountered this problem when they used a laptop, but not when they used a stationary PC, so the problem won't persist for me anymore if that's how you fix it - by getting a PC, that is.


BUT, the problem will still persist for others then, and it might be time to find a solution?



I personally find it awfully annyoing, especially since I am a gamer and expect to be able to use my headset whenever I wish to do so, and for how long I want to, and not be on a timer - meaning that when I have to recharge the battery, then I am out of the game and out of Skype, so my buddies ears won't bleed from the static noise.



I do not know if this is even the right place to post in, but assuming since it is the Corsair forum, and since Tech support don't do anything but say "we will send you an RMA", then I hope that I will atleast recieve some kind of help in the end..




Good bye and farewell for now.

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Hi, I'm seeing 3 tickets:

5598752 - Created 2/7, troubleshooting suggestions given as a response on 2/8, no further communication.

5793884 - Created 3/28, RMA form link sent the same day, no further communication.

5814606 - Created 4/4, RMA form sent out / filled out / RMA instructions sent all on the same day.

5837198 - Created today. Closed because you already have 3 other cases for the same issue that have been responded to.


I've just re-sent the RMA information for 5814606 to you. Please check your inbox and junk mail folders.

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It's not headset the problem, but your electrical home.


You don't have "grounding" and that make noise directly in your headset.


If you have it or when u receive the new one, 99% chance to get noise again.


Well when i use my laptop i get same problem, maybe because laptop generate too much static for headset without connected to home power.


For more details about grounding you can go here :



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