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H100i Uncontrollable


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I have the Corsair H100i

I installed CorsairLINK2 to control it (newest version). My H100i drivers are all installed. The Corsair H100i is shown in the CorsairLINK2 program and everything works fine untill I want to adjust the fan speed.


It seems that I can only control my Corsair H100i's fans speed between 1750 and 2000 or something. I've tried many things to set the fan speed to what I want, higher or lower. If I set it higher, it reaches up the maximum speed of 2000 RPM, but if I set it lower, it simply won't go below 1750...


What can I do?



This is the curve I use.

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the rpms you mentioned are like in your curve so its working correctly


The CURVE might be "working correctly" but the crosshair isn't anywhere near it.


you can also use h100i temp instead of the cpu,it better and more accuate to use.


Agreed that the fans should be in Group 1, the water block, not grouped with the CPU.

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How are they not able to be controlled? The stock fans are?

I mean, they are both 3 pins if I'm right.. And doesn't the H100i unit control by just lowering the power output towards the fans?


But if I install the stock-fans, I should be able to control the fanspeed?

Aren't those fans lower in performance?

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none. Corsair only supports the included fans. You can use resistors on the sp120's if you want to control them using the software but will be limited as far as max rpm.


Kinda sucks, you would think they would be on this and make the H100i work as originally advertised, but I don't think that's a priority at Corsair.

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