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H80 2 issues


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first of all, my H80 came with a little issue that i could manage to live with, two of the screw holes had no grip in the and a third had only a little which meant it rattled a bit. Now after 6 days after installing my cooler, i've got a much bigger issue, one of the 3 pin plugs in the H80 cpu piece seems to be defect, because the fan i plug-in to it will start to spin at 100% even tho the controller indicates that it is set to quiet mode, i have tried to switch the fans around with same result, the fan plugged into the defect 3 pin plug keeps spinning at 100% no matter what i do.


I’ve also tried to reset the firmware, didn’t help


this is what i posted as an RMA, but i came across this forum, and wondered if any one knows a solution for the fan problem? would be lovely if some one could help, i can't really afford the RMA shipping costs (equivellant of 50 dollars) since i'm a student... :)

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