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600T Hard drive cage and getting the screws for them? Also ordering just the window?


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Ok so the hard drive cage shows in the picture the hard drive rails included. Is this true or are they seperate? If seperate Corsair needs to label the page as such. Also is there a way to get the screws for the lower hard drive cages? I'm missing some along with the thumb screws.


Also can just the window and molding be ordered? I don't need a new panel just the window and molding itself.

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The drive cage for the 600T comes with 3 trays.


Accessory Kit for the 600T



No, you cannot get the window separately. You'll need to get the whole panel.


Figured it did with it being pictured. You would almost be an idiot though to order just one drive tray at $6.00.


I didn't think it came with all the thump screws.


Pretty lame having to spend $30 for a $3 set of molding and $10 piece of plexi. Guess I'll be ordering from E Street Plastics and making a full door window like MNPCTECH. Looks a hell of alot better then the tiny window area Corsair has anyway.

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