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H100i broken after one month


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I bought the H100i back in March and after an annoying but successful install, the system worked fine until this morning. One of the included radiator fans had been making a weird noise (kind of like when a small piece of paper is brushing the fan) I had checked and rechecked to make sure nothing was touching it over several days. Finally this morning I got fed up and decided to switch them out for some other Corsair fans I have. When doing this I mistakenly unplugged the 3-pin pump wire, but realized what it was and replugged it. I switched the fans, booted up, and what's this? A CPU fan error!...


The pump and fans turned on for half a second then shut off. I then spend the rest of my day off rechecking everything, plugging the 3-pin wire to every other free slot on my motherboard, switching out the SATA cable that connects to the pump with a new one, and removing the Corsair Link USB cable as I read can cause lots of issues. Every time I started the system the H100i (and fans) would run for half a second and shut off.


I'm in the process of putting my stock Intel cooler in again. But would like to see if anyone else has an idea that might prevent me from getting an RMA.


Edit: After I uninstalled the H100i I re-plugged the SATA cables and listened to the waterblock. I could hear that the pump WAS working, but the fans still won't work when plugged into the H100i, and the LED on the waterblock is still inoperable.

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My cooler did that exact same thing. I determined that the USB connection was fried. If I plugged the fans into the motherboard, they would work just fine and also the pump was still running. The only fix, as much as it pains me, was to RMA it.
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