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h100i custom fan curve not working properly?


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i have set a custom fan curve though corsairlink 2 but the fans ramp up so slow. it takes forever to go to the fan speed that goes with the temperature of my cpu. for example if my lowest rpm was 500 @ 40C then it would take at least 5 minutes to go to 1300 rpm @ 70c running prime 95. still the temps never go above 75c but how do i make it ramp up faster to follow my fan curve?
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in my opinion the water block is better as the cpu is either idle or mostly ramped up,as will the fans will be too


rbd,your curve is very limited,you water temp [h100I] will never reach that high of a temp,

look at your h100I temp and make a curve 1-2 degrees higher and for that temp set your fan to increase 1000 rpm's

test and see if it speeds up

look at my 2 signature pics

in your screenshot you will not have a fan increase till water reaches 55 degrees,which is very high

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