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Playback Switching - V2000 & Desktop Speakers


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So, I'm unsure on how to set this up correctly.


What I want to happen is if I turn on my V2000 for all playback to happen through my headset. When I turn the headset off I want all playback to go through desktop speakers.


This isn't happening. It seems like certain programs like iTunes will only play through one or the other.


Another issue I have is that I have a record player plugged into the Line-In on my sound card. But it plays through both speakers and headset simultaneously.


I have integrated RealTek Audio Chipset with RealTek's HD Audio Manager installed.


I'm on Windows 7.


All help is greatly appreciated!

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There is no auto switching as its an OS limitation to do so without software. As for the Line-In, you may have to disable it when its not in use under playback devices.


I remember when I was on WinXP and I had a usb headset from Platronics (Or whatever there name is) that if I plugged it in, all audio playback would go through it. Then when I unplugged it all playback would go through the desktop speakers.

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I have done this in the past, My headphones are set as default communication device and my speakers set as default device. When i turned off the speakers the sound would be sent to headphones.


I no longer have the speakers so I cant test if it would work the other way around, I should add the speakers where USB speakers so would I assume work the same way a USB headset will as far as powering them on and off.


So usb headset set as default device and speakers set as default communication device.


To be clear I mean only in playback devices here not recording. So right click playback devices and change there.


I hope it works for you.


I should also point out this works in both windows 7 and 8


** EDIT having tested this with a vengeance 2000 headset I can tell you it doesnt work as the wireless dongle remains active so for it to work you would need to unplug the dongle, I tested that too and it did work.

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