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Driver issues with Corsair CA-HS1NA


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I have the Corsair CA-HS1NA USB headset, and I've been very happy with it. However, my desktop computer recently suffered a major casualty (motherboard), and I ended up rebuilding it. It received a new motherboard, cpu and video card. All of the replacements were reasonably similar - both ASUS motherboards, I7 to I7 processor, Radeon to Radeon graphics - so I was able to simply plug in the old hard drives and get a working system without reinstalling everything.


The only thing that doesn't work is the headset. I have seperate speakers, and they work fine. However, if I plug the headset in and try to use the headset speakers everything breaks. Whatever program is attempting to make sound through the speakers will immediately hang up - the computer is working fine, but the relevant program gets the "this program is not responding" dialog. I'm told the microphone works fine, however.


The headset works perfectly on my laptop, so the hardware is fine. I've tried uninstalling the device drivers through the device manager and downloading new drivers to install - no joy. I'm convinced it's an old configuration setting somewhere in the system, but I'd really prefer not to have to reinstall everything to fix it. Is there a manual procedure for removing all traces of the device from the system, or some other advice?

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