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H100i/Windows 8/replacement fans


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I have an H100i with SP120 Quiet fans, and an AF120 Quiet fan in the case (a 650D Obsidian), and I'm running Windows 8 x64.


I previously had Corsair Link software installed, but had problems controlling the fan speeds, so I uninstalled Corsair Link and made do with the fans running at whatever speed they are running at.


Returning to this forum after some time, I see there is now a version 2.3.4816 version of the software, with Windows 8 support, and a version 1.05 of the firmware with support for other fans. My question is, if I install both of these, will I be able to control my SP120 and AF120 Quiet fans properly (or even just the SP120 fans on the H100i)?



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3pin SP120 and 3pin AF120 are still going to run at max speed. There is no FW version at this time that will support these fans.. however, there is a new version of these fans that are PWM that you can take advantage of using C Link SW, http://www.performance-pcs.com/catalog/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=37371&zenid=c9d6cc254701510c8fec8e02286beb3c. They are going to be available soon.
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