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Programming K90 to write umlaut vowels


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Hello, I am looking at programming the G1-G18 keys and am getting erratic behavior from them when I try to make them type 1 single letter. The G key keystrokes when I test them to do just one keystroke of a single letter either repeat multiple times or seem to be delayed.


More pertinently though, I want to make the G keys do nothing else except type umlaut letters but I am not given that option in the k90 configuration program when I try to select the keystroke input in advanced options.


What should I do?




Edit: It turns out the erratic lettering goes away when I turn on hardware playback.

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Well, the problem I am having is that when I go into the keyboard configuration utility and try to input a keystroke then it just looks at the individual strokes that make up the combo.


All I want to do is type in the keystroke. I wish there was an option somewhere where I could just copy and paste the umlautted letter in.

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As Synthohol says, Use Character Map and take note of the shortcut key to get it.


In the Configuration software,

1. Click the MR button and the G-KEY you want to assign the umlaut letters.

2. Press the shortcut key displayed in the software. So hold Alt+press the numbers on the numpad)

3. When complete, Press the MR button again to stop the recording.

4. Go to "Manage profiles" and click "save to K90" wait for it to get to 100% and tick "Hardware Playback"

5. Test the G-KEY in notepad to see if it works.


I've attached an example profile for Ä on G1.

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