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LED FYI: blue, red dead (blue coming back)


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I purchased my h100i over a month ago. it's been doing its job, keeping my cpu cool. I've not had any major issues, thank the stars.


The only issue I'm having is with the LED's. First my Red died, then blue.


Just yesterday I noticed whenever I turned on my system the blue LED would do its best to start. I would see the blue LED flash but then fail after about 10 seconds. It was just flat out dead for a few weeks no matter what I did in the link software.


I accessed the link software and placed the blue slider very low and it held its color. So blue is back, kinda :) if I push it up any more than about a 1/4 of the way it will start to blink. So i currently have a rather dim blue, a functioning green and a dead red. End of FYI.


Question for Corsair/ramguy:


1) is this a hardware, software or fm issue?


2) Has the root cause been identified for the LED issues that are being reported? If not, I would NOT want to RMA my cooler just to get another h100i that's going to have LED issues. This is time consuming and costly for your customers.


3) If the root case has been identified are all RMA'ed h100i's with LED issues getting a fixed cooler back?

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my blue led much have been looking when I was typing the post above.. it just went back to black :)


and blue is back again this morning. its not an heating issues.. i just had it cranked up a little to much (i think).


ramguy, if possible please let me know the answers to my 3 q's. i hope the root cause was found and corsair is now shipping corrected products. if thats the case, I'll start the process.

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From what we have noticed from most of the returned units from RMA.. it lead us to believe that it is more a hardware issue than SW. Although, this issue is not wide spread, we are still putting a lot of attention to it and trying to straighten things out with Coolit. It is safe to get it replaced as not all unit will have this issue.
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