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K90 and M90 arrived today


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I've received both my K90 keyboard and M90 mouse from CORSAIR today. The keyboard installed fine with Windows Driver Update along with the software and firmware I downloaded from CORSAIR website. Sadly the M90 mouse is giving me problems. The cursor itself is not moving and I can't seem to see the infra-red laser under the mouse lit up... Windows Driver Update completed fine and so did the software but when trying to update the firmware to 1.11 it says 'Erasing flash memory failed!'.


Also when I opened the parcel for my M90 mouse I found it wrapped in sellotape giving me the impression that it was already returned from a previous buyer and then sent to me which pissed me off. Anyhow, I ignored that thought until I spent over 2 hours trying to get the mouse to bloody work. The lights all come on the mouse, even when messing with the lights on/off under the Corsair mouse and keyboard set up.


Any suggestions?




And I have tried installing the firmware on my mum's laptop but same error still shows.

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I read under their T&C that they open all packages to confirm that there's nothing missing before shipping to the buyer. I will be requesting a refund but shouldn't the mouse work i.e. the cursor moving, buttons working etc be functioning without installing/updating the firmware/driver/software? And does the mouse have to be plugged in a 2.0 USB port for it to work such as the cursor moving etc or does it need the firmware or/and a 2.0 USB port?


I'm asking since the lights on the mouse are all on but the scroll wheel and side buttons aren't working, even the cursor wont move, is that normal when it's not placed on a 2.0 USB port?

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  • Corsair Employees

The mouse will work best in USB 2.0 ports (or native 3.0) because you don't need the extra bandwith of 3.0. Also, third party controllers may have different results.


The mouse should work though out of the box so if it has problems, we can replace it for you.

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