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AX850 PSU Problem???


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I'm curious if this could be a psu problem. This only happens when trying to play newer games like (Crysis 3 & Bioshock Inf) after a few minutes into the game I get a "DVI NO SIGNAL" message on the screen. The computer is still running all lights and fans are going even on the video card. I can browse the internet all day and stay on desktop doing whatever. I built the computer Monday and the only time I have to shut down is when I try to play a game. I can play older games like cs:s though without a problem. Is it possible the psu is dropping power? I've been trying for days to figure something out.


my parts


windows 8

asus sabertooth 990fx gen3

amd 8350

corsair 16gb 1600mhz

powercolor 7970

corsair ax850 psu


p.s. yes i have tried new drivers, old drivers..bios is up 2 date and yes the cable is plugged in. Also tried a different monitor and it done the same thing




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Msi afterburner


I have seen it get up to 68c quickly and cut off the signal but video card fans are still turning. Also played cs:s and the temp stayed at 53c and never cut off. My case has pretty good airflow I'd imagine. Using a c70 case with 5 af120/140 fans.


Also using a asus 144hz monitor.

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