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Corsair 200R HDD Cage Question


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I've been a proud owner of a Corsair 200R for a couple of months. I've noticed that upon moving from my old case to the Corsair my HDD Temps have risen considerably. In my old case they used to Idle at 29C and Full load 35C. Now I have 2 Western Digital one Black (7200) and one Green(5400) and a Seagate(7200) and they Idle at 36C and Full Load 42C. When i was looking at the Case before i bough it i knew it was plastic to save money. My question to you is would it be a good Idea to put a Corsair SP120 for the HDD Cage to push Air through the cage and cool the HDD's and MB and GFX Card?


I have,

2 Top Exhaust

1 H60 Rear

3 Intake (Bottom, 2 Front)

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