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New drivers and old drivers


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Hello Corsair, first of all, i just wanna say thank you, for your Awesome service!


i've used the 1.7 drivers for a long time, i was very happy with the sound,

but then i updated my Win 7, and rebooted, after that 1.7 drivers didnt work, tested the newest 2.0.7 drivers, and it worked, and the sad part is, i dont enjoy the sound very much now, i got a handicap, so i hear around 50 % less than other ppls does, and these new drivers makes the sound cracks and stuff :/,

just wanna use the 1.7 drivers, but it doenst work now, is there anyway to make this happen ?

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everytime i shutting down my computer, it automaticly updates my windows, and disables the 1.7 drivers :/, i have to do a system reset everytime :/ isnt there anyway way to fix this ? use my old driver even though they are old, i don't know if the old drivers telling my Computer that there is a new version and automaticly shutting down the 1.7 drivers untill i install the new ones, only solution i know is system reset for now, but there shouldn't be any problem using old drivers :/
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