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Case Ticket #5795463

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Hi Corsair


I am waiting on a response to my last two messages requesting an update on my case. Seeing as they seem to have been overlooked I'd thought i'd post here!


My case number is #5795463.


I was told to raise an RMA for a whining fan on my new h80i, but to ignore all the automated emails as I didn't have to send anything back. Now iIve heard nothing for nearly two weeks, despite requesting an update on the case.


Combined with the fact that the first reply I received in response to my queries had nothing to do with the questions I raised, (I asked about high temps and USB interface not working for corsair link - the response to which simply stated that stock fans must be used and not third party fans - I hadn't even mentioned the fans at this point!), I am rapidly losing faith in Corsair.


Since my initial queries I managed to resolve all my problems by installing C.L software with admin privileges and changing to a different motherboard header for the USB interface. I also changed out the stock TIM pad with some Forumula7 which has brought the temps down considerably.


It was after I resolved these issues that I responded to the inappropriate reply from Corsair and reported the high whining noise on one of my fans @ max rpm, and that in order to quieten it down I'd had to connect both fans to my hardware fan controller and drop the rpm of the effected fan right down to 1300 rpm!


I could of used Corsair Link for this functionality, (as I did initially), but I decided against it after a few days due to the problems I'd already experienced and as long as I could control the LED on the pump from the SW - I was happy.


This is when Corsair tech said to complete the RMA process.


Anyway I have no idea whats happening at this point and would be grateful if someone could please let me know!


(Incidentally I'm a UK customer).



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  • Corsair Employees
The RMA conformation was sent to you on 04/02/2013 and I have resent that conformation again but you will have to send your unit to the address listed in the email and once its received we will send a replacement. Or you can call our customer service by phone and request an advanced RMA. Or just use the new system and request an Express RMA on line instead of over the phone.
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Thanks for the reply. I received the re-send but I didn't need that. I needed information as to whether I actually have to send the fan back.


I was told to ignore ALL automated RMA emails as I didn't need to send anything back, and that the RMA was just needed for the Automated Shipping System, (thus the reason I haven't yet shipped the fan).


Since you resent the RMA - I have replied directly on the case and once again all has gone dark.


As I stated in this latest reply, if I do need to send the whining fan back for RMA then i'll forget about it and just purchase an aftermarket fan that's more reliable. Primarily because the cost of shipping a fan back to Corsair will be around about the same amount as purchasing a new one directly from a retailer.


Additionally it would mean dismantling my system to remove the fan and leave it without one and frankly I cannot be bothered to spend any more time inside my system sorting out issues with this unit.


Now I apologise in advance here, but I'm about to go on a rant which is very out of character for me. I usually bare with communication issues and problems when I need support for somthing, (which is quite rare).


However I'm pretty hacked off at this point with the level of support from Corsair. So far I've been given replies to questions I never asked whilst having none that I did ask answered.


I've apparently also been given wrong information regarding the RMA process and the fact I wouldn't need to send anything back as its just a FAN that i'm having problems with.


And finally I've experienced STUPIDLY LONG delays in replies to my support ticket.


Frankly I wish I'd never purchased ths h80i and gone down another route or just stuck with my Akasa Freedom Tower air cooler.


I'm so hacked off with Corsair now that its actually cost them a sale as I was intending to purchase a k90 keyboard at the weekend but instead opted for a Roccat because frankly, at this point I've just lost all faith in Corsair.


Additionally, any chances of me purchasing an AX1200 are now completely out the window.


Sorry to say but very shabby service.

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  • Corsair Employees


First I am very sorry for the confusion, but I think I know what happened here and for the loss of same I am sorry as well.

Not to make excuses but please keep in mind we are not a small one person company here. In fact there are more than a dozen people involved in Direct End-user RMA and support tickets. So the chances of you getting the same person every-time is quite small. Not to mention you had a case in our old ticket system and we just recently change to a new ticketing system which has caused some delays during the transition. Which is still going on.

And you posted on the forum asking about a case number and in the bouncing back and fourth something was lost internally and I am sorry for that. But moving forward this should be minimized in the new system. So again I do apologize for the inconvenience.


Your fans have been shipped to you and no you do not need to send anything back. they should get to you in the next 3-5 days.

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Thanks RAM guy.


No I understand how ticket systems work in big companies. I'm a programmer myself and have to deal with ticketing on occasions and am aware that the differemce people pick up follow ups as they beacome available. Just seems that no one was reading what was actually being written in the previous posts.


Thanks for your help resolving this issue. Most appreciated.

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Let's back up a bit here so we dont go sideways again, you have our H80I? If so please check the Firmware version number in Corsair Link and let me know and on the fans we just sent you are they the 4-Pin PWM Fans?
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Hi RamGuy


It is indeed the H80i and it is indeed 4pin PWM fans I have received, (However as only one of them was whining at full RPM I only switched out that one fan).


The firmware is v1.4, however as the fan is whining at top speed connected to an external fan controller as well as the pump itself, I fail to see how a firmware on the pump itself will reduce the fan noise?


The new fan is a tad quieter and bearable up to 1500rpm, where as the previous one was whining at 1300rpm so at the moment all I have is a nice gentle wooshing sound that I can live with at idle temps between 26°C and 30°C depending on ambient temp and tops out at around 63°C under full load using Intel Burn Test. (Stock 3770k timing, No O/C).


I have attached a low quality audio recording via a headset mic to demonstrate the noise (sorry about the low quality) where you can hear the noise from outside the case.


Just to rule out its the way I have the system mounted I'm planning on reversing the airflow over the weekend as well as testing the fan without it being mounted.


At the moment its working as a push/pull exhaust, with negative case pressure.


I have 2x120mm intake fans (one front, one bottom of chassis) and 2x120mm Exhaust fans at the top of the case.


I'll see if switching the fans direction resolves anything.


Cheers buddy.

h80i whine.zip

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