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Problem Led H80i


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Hi, first of all Congrats for the work that people do on this forum answering the questions of people noob with the computers like me...


I read a lots of posts with issues with the Led and a lots of things in google But I have not found the answer...


I explain my problem...


A month ago more or less I bought a Corsair H80i and until yesterday everything worked fine. Just turn on my PC the White Led is GREEN!! And I dont understand Why is Green..

I try to fix installing Corsair Link with the H80i connected to the motherboad Usb but not Work


When I search the color White with the "bars" of colour The White dont work..

When I put the RED Bar to 255 it Works, when I put the Green bar to 255 it Works but when I put the Blue Bar to 255 dont work its off...

When I put Red+Gren Bar to 255 its works

But if i put Red+Blue bar only works the red... or if I try Green+Bue Bar only green Works.

The performance of the H80i its Ok but with one month Of life... One issue.. I dont like it...I think there isnt a physical error and maybe with a update probably works fine all.. But I dont know...


I dont know if a can transact a RMA with this Issue or not... Im very Noob and ist the first time that I have a problem with a component of any computer...


Please tell me What can I Do and... How I transact a RMA if I can... Im From Spain Madrid...



PD:Sorry for my bad English

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I would try re flashing the cooler to 1.05 again and see if that will bring back the blue LED. In your case, it does sound like the blue LED is burnt and only way to get that fix is to get the unit replaced.
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