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H100i and 3930k


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I just built this PC:


Intel 3930k

Sabertooth X79 Mobo

32GB Vengence 1600Mhz

Corsair H100i Cooler



And I'm running everything at stock speeds, except I loaded the RAM XMP profile so it runs at 1600 Mhz


and when I am rendering something, within 15 seconds, Core Temp says the processor is at 78 deg C


I am ideling at about 38-42 C


Anyone know why this would happen?


I tightened down the CPU block very tight, so I know that is snug on the processor....

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I would re-seat the cooling block with new thermal paste. Sometimes that will lower your temps. Also check to see what the Pumps RPM's are in your BIOS to be sure it's running as intended.


But rendering your putting a decent load on the CPU. So yes, temps will rise when rendering. Even at 78c your still well within the thermal limits of the CPU.


I tightened down the CPU block very tight, so I know that is snug on the processor....

The block is intended to be nice and snug , but not real tight. The hold down screws may break or strip if tightened too much. So just run the thumb screws down all the way and then just snug them up a bit. But not real tight.

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That's not normal!!


You should definitely check your pump RPM, my overclocked 3970x never goes above 70c during Prime and idle temps are similar to yours.


I would advice using some MX-4 if you need to re seat the block, the thermal stuff Corsair is using on their coolers is really good and imo only MX-4 comes close to it.

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If nothing else has changed in your system and your temps went to hell for no apparent reason, it would probably be safe to replace the unit rather than take the chance on burning up your CPU.


I've seen on very rare occasions where the pump speed was reading correctly but still did not seem to be moving the coolant. I'm wondering if this isn't whats going on with yours? Which totally baffles me because if the pump is running at rated speed the impeller should be too.

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Ok i have also LGA2011 with the i7 3930k CPU. This CPU is very good for OC. Record is on 5.6 GHz with 1.475 V.


Corsair Link running normal on little OC. Normal speed on i7 3939k ist 3.2Ghz. I take it a little faster on 3,8Ghz and Corsair Link runnin, only the RPM from my fans i cant regulate, why ? I dont know. But the Fans running on 1550RPM, thats ok for good cooling.


Now, i take the CPU speed to 4.6 Ghz with 1.355V and starting the System new. All ok, only the CorsairLink say's no i wont running. o.O whats going on ?? Ok nop, i deinstall CorsairLink, delete the Directory on C:/programme(x86) completly. Delete all registry tags manually. Start the system new, and install Corsair Link (newest version) new.


AND ?? CorsairLink tells me, no i wont running !! wtf ??!! Ok nop, the FANs runing also on 1550RPM and on IDLE i have 40° - 44°, on fullspeed 52° - 59° thats ok, but CorsairLink wont running.


For what have i a system that i can overclock, when the whatercooling softwar not want running ?? CORSAIR PLZ check your software and give us a running version without bugs and errors !!!


Sorry im very angry in the moment, and my english is very very poor, i speak normal swissgerman. I have the same thread on the German Support Forum, but there will Corsair Officialy Persons not read.


thx for your cooperation....

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