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M90 - set a "default"/go back to profile,+ LED profile bind


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Hi a few suggestions to add to the vengeance software


First the small one,

I wished the LED on/off could be managed by profiles,

for example if i had a profile for MPC/VLC for watching videos, i'd like the light to turn off since it is distracting from the video having a really bright light on.

Not sure if this would work on Hardware playback, but it should be at least be in software



I wished there was a way to set a "default" profile to go back to, so if no assigned application is current it goes back to that profile.

Because currently if i go to an assigned application it switches to the profile (good), but then when i exit it stays in that profile, then i have to switch out manually.

I'd prefer not to make a dozen of the same/similar profile, cuz when it comes to an application i don't have assigned, it's that much more profiles i have sift through.

Again should be do able in software playback


if there is a way to do these things please correct me, if not then please add these features.


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Thanks, i would try that but... my mouse justed died like a few day ago :(

tried FW flash, but doesn't work anymore - "Get flash memory information failed!"

tried just about everything else too


no response from my ticket

ticket Number 6004171

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