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Corsair 600T SE Fan Control


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because the stock fans of my Corsair 600T SE are too loud for me, i buyed a few new fans.


Here is the list of the fans:


Front fan: CoolerMaster Megaflow 200mm

5.25 bay area: Enermax Twister Everest 120mm

Top: 2x Enermax Twister Everest 120mm


Now i have a question:


I want to use this 4 fans with my fan controller on the Corsair 600T.


But, is the fan controller strong enough to make the fans work?


These specifications of the fans i found:


CoolerMaster Megaflow: 3.36 Watt / 0.28 Ampere

Enermax Twister Everest: ca. 3 Watt / 0.4 Ampere


This is a amperage of totally 1.48 Ampere and a power of 12.36 Watt.


Are the fans working without any problems if i use them with the fan controller?


Sorry for my bad english, I'm from germany. Because of that the links are in german, too :D

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