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AX1200i buzzing


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Hello guys.

I just got my 1200i, it is great to build with, passes self-test (green light), but I am very disappointed.

1. While PC is on, the psu does high pitch noise (electric buzz), it gets worse under load, and I don't have this problem with another cheap 750W psu, so it is the source of noise.

2. The fan is off (due to low load), but every fixed number of seconds it clicks.

In my low noise system it is very bad.

I read on the forums that these problems are common, and it doesn't feel like premium level power supply at all.


I have posted this problem to support, no answer yet. Ticket #6003314

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Our Tech support team has just sent you a reply.


Thanks for the reply, but your support just said that the replacement is possible if these sounds bother me, and I think that already was obvious. Didn't get any details.

So, I want a replacement, but I have 2 concerns.

1. I want a cross-shipment to be able to use my PC, what do I have to do to get that?

2. Where do I need to send mu PSU? Do I have so send all cables with it? I am concerned about shipping cost from Moscow to Corsair.

Then, how do I start the replacement process with all of the above considered?

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  • Corsair Employees

We can always arrange and advance RMA for you. Customer service will be sending you an update shortly regarding advance RMA.


Yes, you will need to include the cables that originally came with your PSU.

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