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I got my Link cooling kit yesterday and installed it and everything seemed to be working fine. I have it connected to my AX1200i, H100 and a cooling node. All the devices are recognised by the software and I can manually adjust all of my fans. But the problem is that when I try to set up and sort of temperature based profiles for my fans the fan speeds don't change when the temperature increases.


I first noticed this when I ran prime95 to test if the profiles were working, but the fans just stayed at the same rpm. Them I did some googling and found out that some people were having problems because the HardwareMonitor.exe was at a low priority so I thought that it could have been because Prime95 was hogging all the processing power. So I ran a game (Minecraft) which brought the cpu to 60%, the ram to about 25% and the temperature to 40C, but still the fan speeds didn't change.


Please could someone help me resolve this problem or get it known to the Corsair Link developers so that they can fix it :)



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If you are running the newest Corsair Link program, you are not alone. From what I have been reading (and experiencing), the functionality of the temperature profiles (fans running through the cooling node and lights hooked to the LED node) has been problematic for a lot of people. The ability to respond to changing temps is the reason I puchased these, but they don't appear to functioning correctly.
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It may be working but not the way you expect.


But it doesn't seem to be working at all. I left prime95 on for at least 10 minutes and the fans didn't change a bit?


Also it would be nice if there was a way of turning the fans off, because in my case I have a bunch of extra fans that I want off most of the time but I want them to turn on when I start playing games.


Also would it be possible for a Corsair Link node to be made that stores fan profiles so that the fans can control themselves independently from the operating system? I think that that would be really useful because it would mean that the fans don't spin at full speed when you turn on the computer and you don't have to have Corsair Link2 running in the background. Just a thought.


Thanks for the reply though :)

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installed the link software as was under the impression that was needed (h80i) but not have the link module


can tweak the fan speeds and monitor the cpu, drives, gpu temps...is the corsair link much better


reviews on the net rate it slightly higher than a chocolate teapot and about as much use, so for £85 would like to be sure of getting a decent user manual and some support (apparently the thread they were reading was closed)

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