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K90 macro question


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Id like to have one of the G buttons launch a program and write the password all in one button. Although I only manage to either launch the program or have a set of keystrokes on a button not both. is it possible to do?


like launch the program, add the required delay for it to launch, write the password and finally press enter. I don't see why it wouldn't work but i can't figure it out.


help would be much appreciated.

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Hi, admeteora!


You can use autohotkey script for your purpose. Here is simple script for example:

; Initialization
SendMode Input
#SingleInstance force

; Press F12 to launch script
Run, "notepad.exe"	; 1. Run application

Sleep, 1000 		; 2. Wait 1000 ms = 1 second

Send, 12345 		; 3. Type password "12345"

Send, {Enter} 		; 4. Send 'Enter' command


To test it out:

1) Install Autohotkey_L

2) Run script

3) Press F12 (script will open Notepad, wait 1 second, type 12345 and Enter).


That will be enough for the start :sunglasse

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