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Vengeance 2000 first time turning on


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Hello guys, this is the first post by me on the forum!


I just got my Vengeance 2000 today and they have been charging for over 7 hours. It's still not finished and can't turn on.


Could this be because of that I tried to turn it on, before it was fully charged?


I know you first should try to turn the headset on, when the LED is green. But I'm color blind, so I can't tell when it's done or not, sadly. :(


I have the USB cable plugged in on the back of my desktop, to ensure the highest possible power to charge the headset.


What should I do? Is it already RMA time?


Thanks in advance!


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Make sure the dongle is in :laughing:


Do you have any other audio devices plugged in? If that is the case go to windows control panel > Sound > right click headset and make sure it set as default device.


Are the drivers installed ?


Also, you might not be able to see if the charge light is a specific color but you can see that its lighting up right ? Because when the headset is charging the usb port doesn't light up constantly it should be flashing every couple of seconds. When its fully charged it should be on constantly until you pull out the charging cable. So maybe that can help you to tell if it charged or not.


Also make sure you hold the power button long enough, it takes about 2-3 seconds before it turns on. When its turned on the blue led on the side should blink every couple of seconds, not sure if you can see that though :sigh!:

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