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Been Attempting for file RMA for a week+

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I originally ordered a M65 White Arctic mouse on the 23rd of March from Corsair.com (#100034930). I received it shortly after and put it through it's paces.


Wasn't happy with the mouse, inquired about possibility of returning it through an e-mail to Customer Service; never got a reply back. This was on March 29th. It was over Easter weekend, and didn't really get riled; it's a holiday. Enjoy your time off.


Having not heard back the following Monday morning (again, it's Easter, no big deal,) I filed a Support ticket in the afternoon. (Case #5806521) and got a response on Wednesday from Tech Support. I was asked to contact rmaservice@corsair.com for assistance.


The first e-mail I sent to customer service was on April 4th. The auto-response said I would get a response within 8 business hours. (#6002179) It is now April 9th.




This morning I tried using the Tech Support form to request my latest ticket information on file and was replied with ticket #5809076; I haven't gotten an e-mail pertaining to this particular #. Ever. Just when I requested the number and password a second ago.


TL;DR: If someone could tell me how to return a mouse, if I'm doing something wrong. I love Corsair and their products and this has been the only problem I've had with them... ever.

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