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600T and 650D HDD cage questions


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I have seen a few builds where they two HDD cages have been removed to allow that front fan space ot be used for water cooling parts.


The HDD cages where moved right next to the PSU on the floor of the case.


Is this a mod, or is there an actual mount to relocate the HDD cages here with out drilling.


It also seems that the 600T, the fans have to be reloacted to the outside of the case under the mesh panel. Is this also a mod, or will it work with out any mods?



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On the 650D, there is a position on the case floor to put the upper HDD cage, so as to accommodate really long video cards. That cage is removable with thumbscrews. The lower cage is screwed in, so some amount of extra work will be necessary to move it, too.
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