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SSD drive not detected by BIOS


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Two days ago my PC froze and upon reboot I got a black screen prompting me to select a valid boot disk. I entered the BIOS and couldnt see my SSD any more , it is a Force SATA 3 120 GB and I have not updated the firmware since purchase.


I have been running my setup since november 2011 and haven't had a problem like this before, I have a P8Z68-V PRO mother board and I updated the drivers about three months ago.


I have tried hot plugging the device, switched the SATA cables, left the drive unplugged for a while and tried again, set the drive to a USB caddy but my system or my laptop cannot detect the drive. I would love to update the firmware but none of my devices can detect the drive.


Any one have a suggestion to solve the problem?


Thankful for help

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