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Excessive costs

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I sent an email to the Corsair Customer Support from the main Corsair site (twice) but despite the supposed 24h return email, I haven't received any reply yet.


Here is my issue:

I recently purchased a 600T case side panel and 4 120mm fans from the Corsair site. The pricing on the products was pretty good, around $60 total. The shipping said it would be $30, which was expensive, but what can be expected when ordering products to Canada.

The shipping said it would take about 4-6 days - I placed the order on March 16th, and got the fans on the week of the 25th - which could be expected - but I did not get the case panel until April 1st, which was much longer than expected. As well, the panel and fans shipped separately, obviously. While the high shipping cost, long wait, and separate shipping was annoying, you can't expect much when ordering things to Canada.

What really angered me was that I was charged a tax/tariff cash-on-delivery for both shipments - to the tune of $35 PER box. This meant that I was getting products, which should be worth $60, for $60 + $30 + $35 + $35, or $160 total, meaning I paid almost triple what the products were actually worth. While I can't say know all the ins and outs of taxes across the border, I do know that I have never had to pay a cash-on-delivery for products at such a low price, ESPECIALLY not a tax which was $10 higher than the worth of the products. As well, it seems to me that having the items shipped separately vastly increased this tax.

I really love Corsair products, most of the parts of my home-made computer are Corsair. But the ridiculous costs that I had to pay for a few cheap items really lowered my expectations. I definitely won't be purchasing Corsair products online anymore if these are the kind of costs I can expect.


What I'm wondering is what kind of process led to me being charged double COD (and COD at all, considering how cheap the products were) for products which should have been shipped together.

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I am sorry but there is not a lot we can do about Duty and taxes on Import items. But I would speak with our customer service by phone and see if they can help you with this. And suggest purchasing from one of our distributors in Canada so you dont get stuck with added Duties and import taxes.
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