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M90 Macro Question???


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Hi to all,


I have an M90 and I've been using the Macros on a few games and so far alls been great. But I'm now playing a few games where I need to press and hold a key for a few seconds, for example "E" interact on AC3 to steal from a guard you need to press and hold E for about 3-5 seconds. Like the sniper button, when you press and hold down that button the DPI drops until your release it. I have tried to get this to work with the M90 macros but I've had no luck.

So can anyone tell me please if this is possible and if so how do you do it???


Would really appreciate some help.

Thanks =)

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It's ok I figured it out, I didn't realise you could edit a macro. I simply deleted the "Button Up" part of the macro, so it reads: Arrow Down - No Delay - No Arrow Up, now it works fine. The keystroke is continuous for as long as you have the button depressed =)


Thanks anyway

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