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H110 pump speed issue


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I just finished building my computer and I've encountered a problem. My motherboard auto controls the fan speeds according to system temp. That is great and all since it stays nice and quiet and uses less electricity when I'm not doing anything demanding.


The problem is the pump is also plugged into one of these and I'm trying to figure out how many rpms for the fan controller should it be set at? or at least what is the suggested operating range. This rpms is for the pump not the 2 fans. I have the ability to set it to a certain speed or make it change as well according to the temp.


My mobo says the pump operating speed can be set to anywhere from 609rpm to 1494rpm


Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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I have the two H110 fans on the CPU headers and the pump on a Chassis header. Swap 1 fan with the pump?


Right now CPU fan 1 is 923 RPM and CPU fan 2 is 976 RPM, while Chassis fan 1 is at 1252 RPM (which is actually the pump) and Chassis fan 2 is at 751 RPM (Rear fan)


I just adjusted the settings, I have the pump set to run at 70% (1250RPM) while under 30C, and it rises to 85% (1400RPM) at 40C and 100% (1500RPM) at 50C. Does that sound alright?

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