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M65 multi click setup


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Hello, I recently bought Corsair M65 and I'm having troubles with setting multiclick on any of the keys.


I'm not 100% sure but I think it should work when I bind Left Mouse Click on e.g. DPI DOWN and then in Playback options choose either 2nd option, while defining N to 2 or 4, or 3rd option, which should do 4 clicks in a row.


I tried it while no game was launched and even during game running in the background and it just never works. I also tried to upload profile to mouse and switch to HW mode.


Any solutions? Does it actually work?

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This is a 3 year old topic about the old/legacy M65 non-RGB version of the mouse.


Are you asking because you have the mouse or are you using the newer CUE software perhaps? Because the old/legacy software is not being updated anymore, it hasn't been in a while.

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