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What is your 4pin Replacement FAN Model


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Hi Guys, from what I gather, some of you who ended up with the 3 PIN no PWM fans got replacement ones from Corsair.

It looks like the policy has changed or something but from what I gather, they want me to ship the whole unit back to them.

International shipping of a H80 which weighs almost a kg will cost upwards of 50USD


So, I am just going to buy some new ones, I know almost any 120mm will do, but what is the model that corsair has sent you as replacement?


Thanks in advance.

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Ahh, Thank you very much for clarification and an incredibly quick reply...


It is a shame your distributor in Turkey is such "insert impolite adjective", and are marking your products about 30-40% higher.


FYI, I had to pay USD$ 136.88 for a H80i, and still had to contact the manufacturer. That was the lowest price available.

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