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Strange Eletrical Noise tx650w PSU


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when I using my pc my psu starts making a strange eletrical noise in like every 20 seconds for a few seconds (here is the strange noise at 22s http://puu.sh/2uI7A).


It won't stop, I'm not even gaming or anything I tried looking for someone with the same problem but I wasn't lucky.


I have this PSU since 2010 and this started a few days ago.


My specs are amd 965, asus M4A78T-E, HD6970, 2x 2gb DDR3, 1x hd 500gb.

It's really strange and I would like some help.

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Thank for replying, I made a longer version here http://puu.sh/2wgy5


Also I realized something funny, when I turn on my pc it doesn't do this buzzing sound for a while and vga is at ~45ºC. When the vga hits around 55ºC the noise starts and while the noise is happening my vga temp goes up a little like 5ºC and when it ends it goes back to 55ºC when idling.


Like this

vga@45ºC~55ºC---->No noise


vga@55ºC---->Noise Starts---->vga@60ºC---->Noise Ends---->vga@55ºC...


It wasn't like this just a few days ago.

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So guys, I tried uninstalling the driver and the buzzing sound MIRACULOUSLY stopped, but then I installed it again and the sound that the psu emits is back like before....


And like I said before when I'm just idling and the sound starts the gpu goes from 0% to 60% and cpu from 2% to 15%. When it stops after a few seconds it goes back to 0% and 2% but around 20 seconds later it starts again.


I asked a friend and he think this is bizzare but he said that it could be that using the driver requires more power from the psu and it leads to make the noise...


I really don't know I requested the RMA but nothing yet...


For temporary solution I'm not going to use any amd drivers. You guys must think I'm on crack or something but everything I'm saying is 100% true it's just hard to belive and I think this is not a common problem. I just wish I wasn't this poor so I could just get a better psu and stop bothering with this.

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